Installment #1 from the “I am trying to get my simple stupid site up by myself” series…

Average users, which you usually refer to as “dummies” need clear instructions and a “hey click me or me next, stupid!” button.

Okay, a blatant offender: http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi
What am I supposed to do here? The only action button is to change the mirror.

Also, It’s my job to verify some tar file? WTF? Were geeks every really human?
Guys, get a clue.. I never ran a bulletin board before the internet started. Gimme a break! I think this is payback for their psychological damaging high school experience. Clearly, there are a lot of Nick Burns types out there. MOVE!!!

Another thing, this “How it works” thing is definitely not what an average person cares about! How about Instructions!? That’d be Awesome!

Granted, this is a bit of a rant, but this is the feedback you don’t hear from people. Average people (even smart ones) curse you for making it so hard. Don’t hate the Microsofties of the world for paying for the stupid simple. OpenSource DIY isn’t quite there yet. People pay not to have to worry about this stuff!

Okay, Ms. Negative Nancy here found a site that tries to overcome it’s geekSpeak with some social editing. Filezilla gets a B+ for effort. It directs users to its editable wiki-style page to encourage people to edit what people should know before visiting. yes, more that please! 🙂

A+ to GoDaddy’s tutorial for using XP as an ftp client. Average to somewhat expereienced users don’t know what the Microsoft OS can do! Was it their job to explain and evangelize what XP can do? No, but they cared about the experience of people that aren’t Web savvy. It’s NOT common sense!

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