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Mobile and aroma-marketing?

So, just a random thought (before I start researching this)… mobile quality of cell phones give us the ability to get a greater level of location-based info to add to all the information your body already takes in through the senses.

Why not apply information aspects of smell and even air quality to your mobile gadget? In the future, perhaps cell phones will measure “orange alert” air quality pollution as well as “like that smell? She is wearing Happy by Clinique… find closest store.”

I am sure there this is being worked on somewhere in the world!

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There is SERIOUS need for Social networking Netiquette!!

Come on, people!

Seriously… If you are on a social networking site, there should be some well known rules. It seems like the evil “Marketing” side of the human psyche (aka “dark side” of the force) makes people want to reach out and connect with anyone remotely within 3 degrees as some sort of status symbol (“Look at me! I have cool friends that are really barely acquantainces). Give it up! You are jacking with the system that is built around people that police the quality of connections.

Here is what I want.. the ability to report Marketing Connector people as SPAM! Instead of just passively denying or ignoring someone that is shamelessly trying to promote their status based on your reputation (Linked In and Spock), I want a more punishable reprimand. Even AOL had that “Warn” feature.

So, what set me off? Someone on SPOCK that I have never met and if I have, I definitely don’t know well… asked for my trust. How friggin ironic is that!? H-E-(double-hockey-sticks) NO! I am actually more jaded towards that person than ever before. I not only “untrust” them.. I am suspicious! I am annoyed! I am peaved!

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