A Realization About Me
So, I finally realize why I am good at this internet/software, usability, or “hey make this digital sh@# better” business. It’s not because I am smart or well-connected or even that I am lazy enough to want to do things right the first time… It’s because I give a damn about making people happy.

I am a passionate junkie for the Happiness drug, as I think many humans are. I mean who buys pills to be melancholy or depressed? Convenience makes me happy, Bright new shiny and uncomplicated things that allow me to successfully accomplish stuff makes me happy. Touchscreens make me happy. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!!

Brand Shmand…
Okay, okay, the topic is loyalty.. So, my point is. I don’t care if its a Windows sticker, a bitten apple, or just about any other brand besides AOL and “[any subect here] for Dummies” (because those brands talk down to me as a consumer = not happy)… I will attempt and adopt a concept that makes me successful, look smart, or teaches me something, and super bonus if my friends endorse it!

Then, after I experience what works or doesn’t work for me, I get higher expectations for products and services. I believe that is why the market has started to wake up about the Customer Experience in how vital it is to the operations of a company.

Granted, it is not easy to pull off. It takes a lot of passionate and focused employees that believe in “the message” / strategy / vision to pull it off (which is why Apple has an edge). YET even at the end of the day, some people may put up with a crappier experience if the price is worth any possible hassle.

A Message to Marketing
Luckily, since I work in interfaces, my ideas and experiences allow me to make other users experiences or end results happy. However, Marketing still has a way to go. They don’t “get it” quite yet. They believe the emphasis is on a logo, styleguides, and micromanaging an interface. Many Marketing folks see blogs and social media as another means for PR instead of telling a real story.

Get ready for the shocker… guess what!? Loyalty is in the “what do you do for me and how do you make me feel about myself?” and, by the way, with aggregation, web 2.0, and mobile, people can bypass your immaculate interface altogether.

What does your company REALLY care about? Do you want to make people happy by communicating in a meaningful way and helping them get stuff done or do you just want to SEEM impressive with pretty promos that make you look good? It’s something to think about when you determine whether you are just doing ‘busy work’ or actually being effective.

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