Am I the only one in the world that gets f-ing sick of people that say they don’t want to hear about “the HOW” but they need “the WHAT”?  For me, this is one of the most irritating statements made in Technology that signifies that the person doesn’t really understand or care about “HOW” to do their job and “WHAT” field they are in! Ugh!

For me, designing a high class interaction is a flow of patterns that solve problems– for people (customers, managers, and tech PEOPLE). “How” and “What’ people drive me crazy, because patterns involve both sides and should be discussed without too much digging into details about coding and maintenance… and if it does… uhh DUH that’s what the “e” in e-commerce means! Deal with it!!! 

Generalists in the Tech field need to go back to school or shut up and listen (aka learn something new). A Maverick and/or “T-shapable” person should be a requirement! I don’t care “What” way or “How” you find them!!!

Do generalists realize how many minutes in my life they have taken from me, by attempting to shush meaningful conversation about actually Getting Things Done?!… Losers!!!

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Comments on: "The "W”, the “T”, and the “F”" (1)

  1. anonymoose said:

    At least you’re not bitter about it. That’s the important thing.

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