1to1 weekly featured Dan Hill’s book in a Customer Strategy feature Business of Emotion. I love it! it’s so true. It supports my belief that you have to care and be passionate to fight for the right Customer Experience!

“… Hill explains that it takes a deft combination of respectfulness, engagement, and reassurance to demonstrate to customers that a sales or service rep is their ally, not their adversary. Organizations must instill these qualities in their staff to make the emotional connection necessary to build customer advocacy and trust. As Hill emphatically says: ‘Emotion has to be dealt with by business.’

In a recent podcast, Hill shares some specific emotional elements that drive loyalty within business…. “If you’re going to get to loyalty, there are certain things that are really essential… To be loyal, a customer must feel as though she has an ally, and is really partnered with the company. That means, in turn, that the customer will not be left vulnerable. .. Keep a sense of control and possibility with the customer… Don’t just salvage a customer — enhance him and his life to make things better.”

Hill adds that customer service done well addresses these three elements of loyalty. Done right, it can build a strong bond with the customer. “Customer service is almost a misnomer,” he says. “Customer service really means, ‘I don’t think I got what I wanted or expected, and now I’m almost at your mercy because I’ve paid the money already. And now I want the service I didn’t actually get before!…. They’re looking for the company to give back to them what they really expected to receive. To overcome that vulnerability requires respect, listening, and getting customers to a solution for their problems.”

Hear Hill’s recommendations of how organizations can use emotion to improve the customer experience, in the full podcast, The Business of Emotion .

You tell ’em Dan! The subject reminds me of a book I have called The DNA of Customer Experience: How Emotions Drive Value

I am also pacing around the Book Fire Them Up!: 7 Simple Secrets to: InspireColleagues, Customers, and Clients; Sell Yourself, Your Vision, and Your Values; Communicate with Charisma and Confidence

Think I could learn some tips!?


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