I wanted to share the features of my favorite and VERY USER-focused social media browser with you. I have used it for 2 years or so, and they keep making so many AWESOME improvements to the firefox-based browser! I demo’d this at Community Camp earlier this year and there were still a lot of folks that may have HEARD of it but never used it.

I can’t wait until a mobile version of this paradigm comes out.

Anyway, here is an overview of Flock Features:

  • “My World”
  • “People” sidebar
  • Media Bar
  • Feeds sidebar
  • Search Engine options
  • Email Inbox
  • Favorites
  • Accounts and Services sidebar
  • Web Clipboard
  • “Blog This” feature with builtin remote editor
  • Photo uploader

… all
built right in to the browser! It’s a ME platform instead of a web platform. This will be an image-heavy post that I plan to share as a web demo.

“My World”

“People” sidebar

Media Bar


and Media detection


Feeds sidebar


Search Engine options
options_search.png” style=”” title=”” alt=”” />

and Search engine detection

Email Inbox


(which can also be set to post to del.icio.us)

Accounts and Services sidebar

Web Clipboard
webclipboard.png” style=”” title=”Web clipboard” alt=”” />
dragging and dropping bits of content from pages– instead of favoriting whole page)

“Blog This”


feature with builtin remote editor

Photo uploader

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Comments on: "Flock, the “Social Browser”… I’m a BIG fan!" (6)

  1. Hey Candy,

    Thanks for the awesome post about Flock, you rock! I’m glad we’re still making you happy, and I think you’ll be very excited to see some of the things we have coming this year. 🙂

    Could we use your quote about Flock being a “ME platform” on our homepage (attributed to your name or anonymous, whichever you’d like)? That’s a better line than we could ever come up with! Let me know!

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

  2. Nicely done pictorial review of Flock’s features.

    I have been using Flock as my primary browser for about 2 years, and it keeps getting better and better.


  3. […] however it has so many more features designed for our new social, digital world. There is a nice demo of Flock by Candy With A Why, so I won’t recreate the […]

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