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Do people on the Leading Edge know that they Are?

… Or do they just try to get stuff done?

This is something I realized after leaving a job after 5.5 years. You leave thinking there is so much more out there and you are dying to try new things. Then, you experience some familiar patterns as in other jobs, but I think it’s more like switching schools and being ‘the kid from out of town’. You have the new chance to be the popular kid and have to deal with ‘perception’ and egos all over again.

I also find that I make the biggest impact by developing something ‘under the radar’. This is mostly because what I really want isn’t an ‘out of the box’ solution.

It’s amazing how immature web development still is. Lots of opportunity for people that just want to get stuff done – especially, if they turn around and white label their work so it makes other’s work easier. There are so many steps to set up just to develop a realistic data concept.


Be honest. Are you ready for change?

How do you cope with change? This is an important question to ask yourself.  Are you passive? Are you accepting? Are you participating? Are you a fighter?

I’m just a problem-solver

When something surprising comes my way, I think to myself “What’s the worst that could happen?”. I think what I’d do in that case, and then become comfortable with my action plan.  By comfortable, I don’t mean I make myself like it. It just means I accept that its a possibility. From there, anything less severe than worst-case-scenario is… well BONUS! Plus, since I always really hate worst-case-scenario, I work hard to counteract everything I can that I want to avoid.

Forecaster or Backcaster?

Recently, a friend told me that my thought process is ‘backcasting’, and introduced me to the topic from a former IA Summit talk. Check out the backcasting presentation online on slideshare.

Basically, this means I work from an outcome — whether desired or avoidable — and work backwards towards mapping goals and actions from that possibility to now.

Being a Change Agent is hard!

Us human beings are weird. We want choice and freedom, but the lack of structure and stability can cause some major stress and odd reactions. Some people become unbalanced and fight just to be proven ‘right’ and to keep their ‘I’m important’ status, when all that matters is NEW understanding and growth. Solving problems is not for the faint of heart. You have to have an open mind, patience, and the fortitude to stick to your guns while still considering additional perspectives as well.

Pain brings people together

Change can be painful, frustrating, and confusing. It takes perseverence and realistic expectations to keep from getting discouraged along the way. Once people readjust to a new understanding, it becomes worth it. People get closer after being forced to go through an experience together. That’s why self help groups exist. It’s better when you know you are not in it alone.

The challenge for everyone now is that it’s not a matter of accepting change. Change is here with more to come whether we like it or not. It’s a matter of adapting. Roll with it!