About Candy

To know me… is to notice I ask a lot of Questions! I have a sometimes annoying thirst to get to the motivations behind things, aka “The Why” or the goal.

That’s also the reason I find myself most happy in Information Architecture or Interaction Design roles. I love the ability to represent (or rather argue, at times) the end user perspective in software or web development conversations. Business and Technology can speak for the money, effort, support, and bits of code, but many times the average human needs get overlooked.

Dare to be ask whyThe reason a user interface designer’s job seems so easy and hard at the same time is because People are so quirky! Subtle shades of emphasis, meaning, or response can make or break an opportunity to capture interest into utter confusion. People literally do strange and wonderfully unexpected things.

I guarantee that you yourself do interesting things that you never stop to think about until someone else points it out (or when you are glad no one is watching!). My curiosity seems to ferret out strange idiosyncrasies… even in myself!

My blog is just random stuff for an outlet.



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  1. bibomedia said:


  2. Hi Candy, I wanted to get in touch with you about the possibility of speaking at Refresh OKC (I read about your Refresh Dallas talk). Couldn’t find an email, etc. Is there a way to reach you. Please feel free to delete this comment!

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