In seek of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive people the link http://www.telltalegames.com/strongbad was down… The pic and messaging is priceless!

“It’s like we’re not down at all” BRILLIANT!

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I made this at Hero Machines 2.5 at underground online, but I uploaded it through FLock in a stupid simple way!

Flock and Flickr sittting in my browser

Read more on my Flickr description ๐Ÿ™‚ Notice the “error message”. LOVE IT!

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So yesterday at Mobile Jam Sessions there was a pretty provocative and passionate discussion about influencing the wireless operators to evolve. Gregory Gorman started an ineresting and passionate debate to refute the idea that carriers are just a bit pipe. At first, I was really puzzled as to why I would even care. Then, after explaining the interesting challenges and stellar opportunities that come with a Billion dollar dinosaur that handles virtually all your personal information, location, and frequency of behavior- like who do you call, text and even email and how often… with the potential to even data mine tex messages and so on. Well, after all that, I realized they actually are a platform after all! They just may not have the right talent or experience/focus to monetize these assets in positive ways that would give consumers another reason to switch carriers besides the typical free phon and cheap plan reasons. Now THAT is pretty compelling food for thought. Here is an idea I have come up with so far…
If an operator treated their “older brother” program as an opt in beta for customers for which, in return, customers got either free or subsidized billing to test out ways to use data to make consumers lives EASIER instead of an advertising aproach for monetization (like throwing it all to Google). I think that would be worthwhile. I’d love to be part of an ideation brainstorm in any operator labs that may be thinking the same thing.

The truth is in the mobile and even web world, convenience is in all the little use cases where people are hassled to get stuff done. I bet if you consciously logged each and every little hassle you have in an average day it would be staggering. Now back to this Billion dollar company that you already pay anyway. Wouldnt it be great if it got better at other things besides logging your minutes,texts, and kB transfer, tracking your billing info, and giving you quick access to 911 and information. What if there could be a two way conversation? I wonder what Mace would say to that!

Also, check out Cellspin on your mobile. It’s pretty close to the intent of a mobile flock browser. ๐Ÿ™‚

Something is technically wrong.

Thanks for noticingโ€”we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

I totally prefer personality over ROBOTIC ERROR MESSAGES (must say while making robot motions and using Asperger tone). Can you guess who this message is from?

Answer:R-E-T-T-I-W-T (backwards)

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I wanted to share the features of my favorite and VERY USER-focused social media browser with you. I have used it for 2 years or so, and they keep making so many AWESOME improvements to the firefox-based browser! I demo’d this at Community Camp earlier this year and there were still a lot of folks that may have HEARD of it but never used it.

I can’t wait until a mobile version of this paradigm comes out.

Anyway, here is an overview of Flock Features:

  • “My World”
  • “People” sidebar
  • Media Bar
  • Feeds sidebar
  • Search Engine options
  • Email Inbox
  • Favorites
  • Accounts and Services sidebar
  • Web Clipboard
  • “Blog This” feature with builtin remote editor
  • Photo uploader

… all
built right in to the browser! It’s a ME platform instead of a web platform. This will be an image-heavy post that I plan to share as a web demo.

“My World”

“People” sidebar

Media Bar


and Media detection


Feeds sidebar


Search Engine options
options_search.png” style=”” title=”” alt=”” />

and Search engine detection

Email Inbox


(which can also be set to post to del.icio.us)

Accounts and Services sidebar

Web Clipboard
webclipboard.png” style=”” title=”Web clipboard” alt=”” />
dragging and dropping bits of content from pages– instead of favoriting whole page)

“Blog This”


feature with builtin remote editor

Photo uploader

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Hellz Yeah!

The 10 Changes a CEO needs to make to win young consumers – #8 Give up on owning the brand

I love this site ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have had an interesting debate with my mobile web friends over the recent Michael Mace post for which he finally wrote a follow up that I believe clarified his real aim was criticizing the top-down distribution!

I am a huge fan of Mace, but my take on it is… there are THREE blatant things that make me believe RIP is considerably overstated and a bit further off.


1. Exposure
– Average people (not just us “dot com” and mobile junkies) have to be able to discover the functionality and be willing to evangelize it over the stupid simple way of being on deck and thinking “ooh what does THIS do?”. 

Also note that carriers are savvy enough to find ways to make more money. Verizon has already capped their “unlimited” plans so that people have to watch their usage again. More than likely, they will try to use this influence to make specialized/highlighted services (driven by ad dollars) that seem to help users save money again. Wireless providers won’t go down easy into “dumb pipe” land.

2. Experience of Functionality
– Some things like games that don’t involve syncing or remembering important information and require instant gratification or unique to leveraging the usability of the unique device (like Golden Tee or centipede on a blackberry pearl) don’t make sense via an undependable web connection.

That has nothing to do with the method of distribution though and in many cases why not go to centipede.com or something similar to download it over-the-air (instead of allowing all the networks to slice off the developer’s profits). Going direct is a Win-Win for Developers and End users! … but what business model makes sense for 3rd parties like Nokia, Handango, and wireless providers?

3. Big Business needs some controls
and will continue to negotiate special devices, tools, and services to support their closed networks. That’s how BlackBerry and millions of other custom B2B development shops got to the success they have today.


… All that said, Yes! there is a huge opportunity to cut out the middleman and creating kick-butt, stupid simple apps (web where it makes sense and mobile specific where it makes sense) that people love and are worth telling people about. The ability to circumvent the networks and their greedy pocketbooks is getting the attention of distributors.

Content and services that are in good terms with the Customer are King! On that note, check out Google Gears going mobile… Google Gears in Your Pocket

“…the ultimate goal of Google Gears is to create a standard, web-based mobile platform …” Fierce Mobile Content

“Mobile browsers simply cannot do much of what you want applications to do,” writes Google software engineer Chris Prince on the web services giant’s official blog. “The mission of Gears is to extend the capabilities of web browsers. It is clear to us that mobile browsers can benefit just as much as desktop ones. By adding features to mobile browsers, it becomes
possible to deploy an increasing number of mobile applications as web apps.”
Yes, I irrationally heart all mobile apps! ๐Ÿ™‚  

What do YOU think? Will killer mobile web browsers and Google-like services along with improved coverage, like wimax prove Mace right?

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